(Under the Patronage of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster)


Hon Treasurer                          Hon Secretary                         Mem Secretary
Peter Robson                           Helen Fox                                Richard Walton


Compiler ot Ramble List            -  Maurice Hickman                      


Publicity                                     -  Peter MacDonald        

Social Activities                         -  Mary Walsh, 30 Briarwood Road, Clapham Park,


Other Duties                             - Winifred Hawthorne, 


                                                 - Diana Fox, 



We welcome Anne Allcock, Mary Samoson, Gennet Barhe, John Lineham, Ann Rigby, Ron Harper and Anne Rice to the Club and wish them many happy rambling days with us.


My members who have not yet oaid their subscr iotions should send £3. 00 to Peter Robson otherwise their membership will be deemed to be lapsed and no further lists will be sent.

Father Paul Kenny will conduct the day. It will be held on Sunday 2 March at
the Southwark Diocesan Catechetical Centre, 21 Tooting Bec Road, SW 17 (opposite Tootinq Bec Underground Station - Northern Line). All members are invited to attend. The cost will be £2.00 per person. This will be collected on the day.
Arrive from 10.30 - 11.00 am. We shall have a break for lunch between 1.00 - 2 00 pm - bring sandwichos, coffee will be nrovided.

If you are coming please complete and return the form at the end of the
list or ring Helen before Sunday 23 February.


The venue has been changed f rom Buxton to BAKEWELL YOUTH HOSTEL. Those travelling by coach should catch the 11 30 am coach on Friday morning from Victoria Coach Station (Servict 560) to Chesterfield (arrive 14 20). Travel from Chesterfield to Bakewell by local bus. Return by 16 30 bus from Chesterfield (arrive Victoria Coach Station at 19 20 on Monday - cost of coach fare £16.
This is a self-catering weekend so brinq something to cook at least for the
Saturday morning breakfast. Any queries contact Maurice Hickman.


Maurice Hickman is hoping to organise a weekend here in conjunction with the coach outing. We shall stay either at the Youth Hostel or at a moderately
priced guest house. Coach service 098 leaves Victoria Coach Station Friday
2 May at 19 00 - arrives Cambridge 20 50. Returns from Cambridge Monday 5 May at 17 30 hours arrives Victoria Coach station at 19 20 - return fare £8.25.


TUESDAY 25 MARCH - "St John's Passion" at St Paul's Cathedral. Free

                                       entry meet as soon as possible after 5 00 pm on the

                                       left hand side of St Paul's stops.

SATURDAY 12 APRIL - Visit to the Thames Barrier - meet at Charing Cross

                                       station for the 2.33 pm train to CHARLTON (fare

                                        £1.10 day return) for a trip around the Barrier from

                                        Barrier Pier, Unity Quay.


SATURDAY 26 APRIL- Theatre Outing - anyone interested in seeing "The

                                      Scarlet Pimpernel" at Her Majesty's Theatre - the

                                       Matinee performance - tickets price £4.50 - contact

                                       Mary Walsh.


R A M B L E  Ll S T

SUNDAY 9 MARCH 1986                                   Leader -  Maurice Hickman 
Meet VICTORIA at 9 35 for 9 50 to BILLINGSHURST (arrives 11 02) 
Lunch: Half Moon, Kirdford                                 Bring your own
Distance: 12 miles                                               Fare: £5.60 CDR 
Duty: Winifred Hawthorn

SUNDAY 16 MARCH 1986                                  Leader - Peter Robson 
Meet KINGS CROSS at 10 50 for 11 06 to WELWYN NORTH (arrives 11 39) 
Lunch: Plume of Feathers                                   Tea: Hard cheese!
Distance: 9 mile returnirg from Welwyn North   
Duty: Richard Walton                                            Fare: £3.60 CDR 

SUNDAY 23 MARCH 1986                                   Leader: -Rena Borg 
Meet BAKER STREET at 9 50 for 10 04 to CHALFONT& LATIMER ( arrives 10 39) 
Lunch: Five Bells, Botley                                       Tea:White Owl Chesham 
Distance: 10 miles                                                  Fare: £3.20 CDR to Chesham 
Duty: Helen Fox
BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY 31 MARCH 1986        Leader - Dorothy Hickman 
Meet VICTORIA at 10 50 for 11 05 to MERSTHAM (arrives 11 36) 
Lunch: Harrow, White Hill                                Tea: Macdonald 's Redhill
Distance: 11 miles                                            Fare: £2.90 CDR to Redhill
Duty: He/She who comes

SUNDAY 6 APRIL 1986                                   Leader - Mary Walsh 
Meet WATERLOO at 10 50 for 11 07 to EGHAM (arrives 11 47) (front portion - train divides at Staines)
Lunch: Royal Standard, Stroude                       Tea: Egham (if possible) 
Distance: 11 miles                                              Fare: £2.80 CDR

Duty: Helen Fox 


SUNDAY 13 APRIL 1986                                   Leader - Philip Evans
Meet BAKER STREET at 10 45 for 11 04 to GREAT MISSENDEN (arrives 11 52) 
Lunch: Bugle, Lee Clump                                   Tea: The Coffee House,                                                                                      Great Missenden
Distance: 10 miles                                               Fare: £3. 80 CDR 
Duty: Diana Fox

SUNDAY 20 APRIL 1986                                     Leader - Maurice Eickman 
Meet: WATERLOO at 9 35 for 9 50 to HASLEMERE (arrives 10 42)
Lunch: Kings Arms, Fernhurst                                       Tea: Haslemere (if possible) 
Distance: 14 miles                                                 Fare: £5.80 CDR 
Duty: Peter Macdonald

SUNDAY 27 APRIL 1986                                    Leader - Rena Borg
Meet WATERLOO at 10 05 for 10 20 to GUILDFORD (arrives 10 58) 
Lunch: Jolly Farmer Bramley                              Tea: Coffee Bar Godalming
Distance: 12 miles                                                       Fare: £4.70 CDR to Godalming 
Duty: Maurice Hickman

BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY 5 MAY 1986        Leader - Maurice Hickman
COACH OUTING TO CAMBRIDGE (in conjunction with weekend)
Meet VICTORIA COACH STATION at 9 40 for 10 00 Coach (service 098) to CAMBRIDGE (arrives 11 50). Lunch and tea at Cambridge. If possible a guided tour will be arranged around places of interest. It is advisable to book your coach ticket in advance. - Fare - £5.50 Day Return. Return - see front paqe.

SUNDAY 11 MAY 1986                                  Leader - Richard Chill
Meet WATERLOO at 10 35 for 10 50 to GUILDFORD  (arrives 11 26) 
Lunch: Drummond Ams) Alrbury                    Tea: Newlands Corner 
Distance: 14 miles                                          Fare: £4 . 20 CDR
Duty: Peter Robson

SUNDAY 18 MAY 1986                                   Leader Paul Brunning 
Meet CHARING CROSS at 10 10 for 10 25 to SEVENOAKS (arrives 10 56) 
Lunch: Buck's Head, Godden Green               Tea: Sevenoaks 
Distance: 10 miles approx.                               Fare: £3.20 CDR 
Duty: Mary Walsh

BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY 26 MAY Leader    Philip Evans
Meet KINGS CROSS at 9 50 for 10 06 to WELWYN GARDEN CITY (arrives 10 36) 
Lunch: Wicked Lady, Normansland Common Tea: Welwyn Garden City                                                                                                        (if possible) 
Distance: 16 miles Fare:                                  Fare: £3.60 CDR 
Duty: Richard Walton

Social Events (contd)

SATURDAY 31 May 1986 - Cheese and Wine Party - all are invited to a                                                    Cheese and Wine get together at 6 00 for 7 00                                                pm (tea, coffee and soft drinks also available) at                                              Meg and Mary 14alsh's Home - directions                                                        Clapham Common Tube Station - Clapham Park                                              Road, right into Abbeville Road, left into                                                            Briarwood Road. Cost £1

It has been suggested that members may like to meet for a Midsummer Dinner on Saturday 21 June at one of the Riverside Restaurants. Please let Mary Walsh know if you are interested.

If any member has a favourite walk they think we might all enjoy let Maurice Hickman know, or any social activity, write to Mary. We are always looking for new places to go, new things to see.


Frank Keating is organising a hostel weekend to GRASSINGTON, North Yorkshire. If interested send a £10.00 deposit and SAE to Frank by the end of February. If you wish to spend a week in a guest house/hostel contact Dorothy Hickman (SAE).


This is the 12th Walking Pilgrimage organised by the Diocese of Arundel and
Brighton. This year's Pilgrimage is called "The Wessex Walk" or "St Dunstan" pilgrimage. The walk starts at Brighton and finishes at Bath a fortnight later. There are two rest days at Alton and at Marlborough. The pilqrims sleep overnight in halls on their own air beds or camp beds. Luggage is carried from one hall to another, so pilgrims only need to carry what they need for each days walk. Maurice will be leading the walk on Tuesday 12 August from Billingshurst to Haslemere. The route is waymarked by arrows, so you can proceed at your own pace. The average distance covered each day is 18 miles. If you wish for an information sheet and an application form, please write to Mnurice enclosing a
SAE.The total cost of the pilgrimage is £68 which includes the use of the halls, food and return fare by coach from Bath.

Father Leo Cosham sent greetings for a Happy New Year. He has now moved to Glasgow.

Christmas greetings were sent to you all from Maureen Cahalane.

Please remember Joe Lee in your prayers. He has been seriously ill for a considerable time in St Mark's Hospital, City Road, EC1. He is making good progress and will shortly be transferred to Barts.


To: Helen Fox, 

I .......................................shall be attending the Day of Recollection