June 2005 - August 2005



Dear Ramblers,

The photograph was taken at the 25th Anniversary dinner in 1954.

As this is my penultimate Newsletter I think that I have to make a special
statement concerning the next AGM. Unfortunately I will not be able to continue in my current role as Secretary to the Club because of my relocating and other  commitnents.


 By the time that the next AGM comes I will have been Secretary of the Club for three years. There is also Tony Norton our Ramble Compiler who will have been in his role fortwo years and who will also be standing down at the next AGM. There is also Gillian McLauchlan who has been the Club Treasurer for the last six years and who also wishes to stand down. During my time with the Club I have greatly enjoyed being part of the Club and I took on the role of Secretary because I wanted to contribute some service to the club in return for the pleasure that the club has given me. Like Tony Norton and Gillian McLauchlan it will soon be time for us to move on and it is therefore very important that members communicate with each other and consider coming forward to fill these positions. 


I would add that a club is only as good as its members. Our Club has a
wonderful history, which you will be reminded of if you view its web site. ie. www.strrancisramblers.org.uk. It is evident from looking at the history of the club web site that time and fashions have changed. In previous years there was never a shortage of members prepared to contribute their time to the club. Sadly, for all sorts of reasons this is not the case these days.

If you view the Club Web site you will see that the Club has a long history which is well documented together with lots of photographs. In years gone by the club was a major part of
many people's lives and many life long friendships have been formed. Times have changed as
these days members are more widely scattered around London and do not meet up in the evenings as in past years.

Before moving on you will note that in previous years members would sometimes eat their sandwiches in the public bar at the lunch hour stops. Unfortunately some members still continue to eat their sandwiches in the pub whilst others purchase their lunch in the pub. I have to say that that is not good manners to do this and whilst in previous years this might have been ok, it is definitely not ok these days because so many pubs cater for food, and I would urge
members to refrain from doing so. Whilst on the subject of manners I would ask ramblers to be mindful of dirty boots when entering a pub. Where there is a carpeted floor it would be a good idea to take boots off or wear them covered with a plastic bag. To move on I can say that the club has had another quarter of interesting events and rambles.


Past Events

The Good Friday Walk

This time around the Good Friday walk was around Aylesford. There was a long and a short walk where both groups came together for the service at the Aylesford Priory. The day was a lovely sunny one which was just as well as the service at the Priory was in the open air. For the
last few years it was at Worth Abbey that we would attend for the Good Friday Service and this time around it proved that the Aylesford Priory was equally as popular. In all I am glad to say that there was over forty members that attended.

Day of Recollection 2011I March
This day of prayer and reflection was well attended and gave us a lot to think about. In the morning Fr. Peter Newby talked about a piece of scipture. After lunch we attended Mass which was extra long as it was Palm Sunday. There was a few of us that took part in the lengthy readings. After Mass Fr. Peter talked and we also watched part of a video provided by Fr Peter which was about the Passion.

Easter Break in Uangollen 26 to 31
March 2005
Maurice Hickman one of the Club's stalwart leaders has lead a walking break in North Wales. which was enjoyed by all and is no doubt working on a future walking break. As I write he is preparing to lead some of the walks on the Canterbury Winchester Pilgrimage.

Future Events
Video Day.
The Song of St Bemadette.

The story of St Bernadette at Lourdes. The film won 4 Academy Awards (1943) including Best Actress and Best Score. Peter will be showing this film on Saturday 25th June at 3.00pm in his home. If you are interested in attending in what should be a great afternoon then please call
Peter MacDonald.

Lake District holiday 9 to 16 July
At the Lakeside House, Keswick, walks will be 4 to 6 miles and cost for the week £225. A deposit of £20 is required.The cost of travel by train is in the region of £40 and for further
details contact Peter Culba.

Bill O'Neill's 60th Birthday party 23 July 2005 7.00pm The Corrib Rest, Salusbury Road, NW6 Please make a note in your diaries as you are invited to a buffet meal after which we can enter the main bar where there will be a live band and dancing. This is my treat for you and every one is welcome. Please give me a ring by 16 July so that I have an idea of numbers for the catering. Bill.

The Canterbury Winchester Pilgrimage 13 to 28 August 2005.
This is an annual ecumenical pilgrimage, which is often completed
by some of our members. I think it is great especially for those looking for an enjoyable spiritual experience coupled with a walking holiday at a very low cost. You will find that some of our club's stalwart ramble leaders are also leading some of the walks on this Pilgrimage.
Further information is available from www.thepilgrims.org.uk

Club's 75th Anniversary
To mark the event there is a holiday to Assisi /Palazzola 4 to 11 June 2005. There are over twenty of us that have booked to go on this holiday, which I expect, will be an alround experience. I am happy to say that Fr. Peter Newby is going with the group and we are looking
forward to him leading some of the walks.


Hawkstone Hall - 19-22 August, 2005 Shrewsbury
Hawkstone Hall is a Redemptorist International Pastoral Centre near Shrewsbury, which is to be the venue for a further celebration of the Club's 75th anniversary. This event is now fully booked and is sure to be an interesting one. Anne Dunne who has organised the event wishes to thank those members that offered to help her with the walkouts on 12 to 15 April.

Holiday in Kidderminster & Warwick 16 to 26 Sept 2005
Further details below. 


Former Ramblers Reunion 1 Oct 2005
For further details contact Marie Tisi 

Celebratory Mass 6.0pm 8 Oct 2005
Bishop Bernard Longley has agreed to say Mass for us at St Mary MoorfJelds.This date is close
to the anniversary of St Francis and also the date of our AGM. It also seems fitting that the Club
should celebrate its patron saint's anniversary in this way. As we have requested the Mass Bishop Bernard is asking for volunteers to plan the liturgy and I would therefore urge some of you to contact Gillian McLaughlan for this
After the Mass there will be a celebratory meal in St Mary Moorfields Hall

Dates for your diary.

Sat 5 November 2005
National Festival of Catholic culture. For details see below

Sat 5th November. Mass for Deceased Members

Sat 10th Dec Christmas Meal

Sun 18th Dec Christmas Social 

Sat 7th Jan New Year Party.

Additional walks
If you fancy an occasional midweek walk then please contact Dorothy Hickman


If you have not already paid your subscription please send a cheque for £5 to Gillian. As a means of reducing the work involved in the collection of subscriptions it would be very helpful if a Standing Order Form could be completed and returned to our Treasurer, Gillian McLauchlan. Forms can be obtained from Gillian.


Holiday in France
Refer to www.halcyonleisure.comlrouzet.
Anyone interested in a walking holiday in SW France and can arrange a group The Manor House in NW France offers the ideal location with apartment accommodation for groups up to 10 to 11. The accommodation is supplied by the sister of Mary O'Connor, the latter being a deceased member of our club.

New Members.
Welcome to John Muffty from South Croydon, 
Dorothy Muthuri from E16
Kathleen Vecchione from Romford
Welcome back:
Caroline Griffin from E1

Items for the next Newsletter should reach me by 12th August 2005.
God Bless and Happy Rambling

Club Committee members 2004 - 05

(Please note: Addresses and telephone numbers are not included in this  internet version of the programme)  



President:                                                                   Vice President: Helen Hunt,

Fr Peter Newby, 
Parish Priest, St MaIy MoorfieIds,

4-5 Eldon Street, 

London EC2M 7LS  


Secretary: Bill O'Neill                                                  Treasurer: GilIian McLauchlan


Ramble List CompilerTony Norton                           Membership Secretaries:


                                                                                       Alison CIaIke, 

Social Secretary                                                           Committee Members

Hania Poniatowska,                                                        WitoId SokoIowskl, 



Ramble List and News June - August 2005


Many thanks to everyone who came up with a walk for our summer programme. The Autumn 

will be my final effort before stepping down at the AGM in October. Please let me have your
walk details by 30 July.

Many thanks

JUNE 2005

SUNDAY 5th JUNE 2005 (Explorer map 135)                           Leader Maurice Hickman       
MEET           :Victoria 0840 for 0904 train to Billingshurst arr1014
LUNCH         : Country Inn Shipley
TEA               : Box Castle nr Christ Hospital
DISTANCE    : 15 Miles returning from Christs Hospital
FARE             : £9.40 Cdr Billingshurst with network card discount

SUNDAY 12th JUNE 2005

Walk no 1 (Explorer map 147)                                                   Leader Paul Brunning  

MEET            : Charing Cross 09.35 for 09.54 train to Chelsfield arr 10.21
LUNCH           : Three Horseshoes Knockholt
TEA                 : Knockholt 
DISTANCE      :11.5 Miles returning from Sevenoaks
FARE               : £6.50 cdr Sevenoaks with Cdr Network card discount
Walk no 2      : (Explorer Map 146)                                           Leader Dorothy Hickman
MEET             : Victoria for 10 34 train to Coulsdon South arr 11 04

                         Because of new timetable
LUNCH           :The Fox Coulsdon Common
TEA                 : Tollsworth Manor garden is open under National Gardens Scheme Entrance                                 £2.50
DISTANCE      : 6 Miles returning from Merstham
FARE               : £5 cdr Merstham with Network card

SUNDAY 19th JUNE 2005 (Landranger map 165)                   Leader Eugene Donnelly   

MEET               : Euston 0940 for 1005 train or coach to Berkhamsted arr 1100 approx
LUNCH             : The Greyhound Inn, Aldbury
TEA                   : None             
DISTANCE        : 11 Miles returning from Berkhamsted by train
FARE                 : £6.60 cdr Berkamsted with network card discount

SUNDAY 26th JUNE 2005                                                         Leader Martin Harrison                    
MEET                 : Cockfosters Underground 0945 for 10.00 start
LUNCH               : The Old Maypole, Water End
TEA                     : Trent Country Park Cockfosters
DISTANCE           : 16 Miles Returning from Cockfosters
FARE                    : All Zone Travelcard Zones 1 - 6 up to £6

July 2005

SUNDAY 3rd JULY 2005 (Explorer map 123)                            Leader Maurice Hickman


MEET                   :Victoria 0920 for 0947 train Eastbourne arr 1126
LUNCH                 : Tiger Inn East Dean
TEA                       : Birling Gap
DISTANCE            : 12 Miles returning from Eastbourne (hilly walk) can return to Eastbourne by                                   bus from lunch or tea place
FARE                     : £12.95 COR Eastbourne with network card

SUNDAY 1Oth JULY 2005 (Land ranger map 187)                    Leader Witold Sokolowski
MEET                     : Victoria 10.05 for 1025 train to Woldingham
                                 Go for coffee in garden centre
LUNCH                   :Picnic lunch on circular walk
TEA                         :Woldingham social club
DISTANCE              :8-10 Miles returning from Woldingham
FARE                       :£4.50 cdr Woldingham with Network card discount.

SUNDAY 17th JULY 2005                                                           Leader Philip Evans
Walk no 1(map os 187)


MEET                      :  Waterloo 0945 for 10.07 train to Bentley arr 11.24
LUNCH                    : Three Horse shoes East Waldingham
TEA                          : none
DISTANCE               : 13 Miles returning from Bentley
FARE                        : £8.40 cdr Bentley with Network card discount

Walk no 2                   (Explorer map 135)                                    Leader Anne Dunne  
MEET                        :  Charing Cross 0845 for 0910 train to Tunbridge Wells. Arr 10.04
LUNCH                      : Groombridge Place Hse
TEA                           :  Burrswood Hse
DISTANCE                :  8 Miles returning from Tunbridge Wells
FARE                         : £11.10 CDR Tunbridge Wells. £7.35 with network card discount.

SUNDAY 24th JULY 2005 Explorer map 147)                              Leader Paul Brunning
MEET                         : Charing Cross 0950 for 10.10 train to Opington arr 10.35
LUNCH                       : Queens Head Downe
TEA                             : Farnborough
DISTANCE                  : 10 Miles returning from Orpington
FARE                           : £3.50 Cdr Orpington with network card discount.

SUNDAY 31st JULY 2005 (os map 189)                                       Leader Helen Hunt


MEET                           : Charing Cross 0830 for 0945 train to Ashford International
LUNCH                         : The Tickled Trout, Wye (Gr049459) pub serves good food

                                      : Own food must not be eaten anywhere on the premises
TEA                               : Ashford
DISTANCE                    : 16 Miles returning from Ashford
FARE                             : £11.20 cdr Ashford International with network card discount



SUNDAY 7th AUGUST2005 ( Explorer map 121)                        Leader Peter Macdonald

MEET                              : Victoria at 0835 for 0904 train to Bognor Regis (arr 10.49)
LUNCH                           : Crab & Lobster.
                                        : Possibility of a swim in the afternoon (beach is a bit stony)
TEA                                 : Pagham
DISTANCE                      : 7 Miles returning from to Bognor Regis by bus
FARE                              : £11.90 cdr Bognor Regis with network card reduction
                                          Plus local bus fare each way

SUNDAY 14th AUGUST2005 (osmap 186)                                  Leaders Marta & John Haworth
MEET                                : Waterloo 0840 for 0900 train to Liss arr 1021
LUNCH                              : The Queen's Selborne
TEA                                   : not ruled in or out
DISTANCE                        : 15 miles returning from Liss
FARE                                 : £10.95 CDR Liss with network card discount

SATURDAY 20th AUGUST 2005   (Explorer map 147)                Leader Maurice Hickman

A & B Pilgrimage

MEET                                 : London Bridge 1040 for 1103 train to Merstham arr (11.35)
LUNCH                               : The Sportsman, Mogador(TQ 240532)
TEA                                     : URC Church Hall, West St Dorking
DISTANCE                          : 13 Miles returning from Dorking
FARE                                   : £5.80 Ask for cdr Dorking Via Merstham.

SUNDAY 21st AUGUST 2005 (map Lr199)                                   Leader John Burbage


MEET                                  : Charing Cross 0850 for 0910 train to Stonegate arr 10.19
LUNCH                                : Burwash Hotel, Burwash-reasonable prices
TEA                                     : Possibly at Robertsbridge
DISTANCE                          : 13 miles reurning from Robertsbridge
FARE                                   : £10.30 cdr Robertsbridge with network Card discount

MONDAY 29th August 2005 (os map 186) Leaders Tony Finnegan (Long option) and Helen Hunt (Shorter Option)
MEET                                   : Waterloo 0840 for 0900 train to Haslemere (arr 1016)
LUNCH                                : The Dog and Pheasant, Brook. Pub does food; seats on green
                                               opposite to eat your own
TEA                                      Long option only: The Devils Punchbowl Cafe.
DISTANCE                           : Long option 15 miles returning from Haslemere; short option 10                                                     miles returning from Witley. Both options walk together in the                                                         morning and there will be hills. The long option will also be hilly in                                                 the afternoon.
FARE                                    : £9.90 CDR Haslemere with Network Card Discount.



Please ensure you bring your  Network card or Gold cards so that you can get the 1/3rd off 

full fares for yourself and up to three guests travelling with you. You can also get 50p off all
zone travel cards even if purchased at underground stations.


Unless otherwise indicated the fare shown is the fare from the London terminus to our

destination. Most people can get a reduction by using a travel card for part of the journey.


Don't forget Sunday train sservices can be affected by engineering works. Information on
ese can be obtained by calling 08457 484950 or see National Rail Website at


Holiday in Kiddenninster & Warwick. Friday 16th September to Monday 26th September.
Visiting some of the places associated with the English Martyrs.
It is hoped to visit Harvington Hall. Baddeslev Clinton. Coughton Court and perhaps BoscobeI House and MoseIev Old Hall. Also of course to walk in the area Harvington Hall is three miles from Kiddenninster. It has the finest collection of priest's hiding places in England. At the top of the house are 2 secret chapels, with their original decoration, which were used in the 16th & 17th cent Baddesley Clinton is six miles from Warwick. It has two hiding places and was the main home outside London of Fr Garnet, head of the English Jesuits. Coughton Court is about 16 miles from Kiddenninster and Warwick. It has a secret chapel and hiding place on the top floor of the gatehouse and has relics of Mary Queen of Scots. BoscobeI House and MoseIey Old Hall, each about 20 miles from Kidderminster, sheltered Charles II after the battle of Worcester. 

Staying in Kidderminster from Friday 16th September to Friday morning 23rd September (7 nights).
Standard single room is £27 per night for b&b. Then in Warwick from Friday 23rd September to Tuesday morning 27th September (4 nights). Standard single room is £22 per night for b&b. For details ring Dorothy Hickman. 

Will be held on Saturday November 5th at Westminster Cathedral Hall. Sponsored by various Catholic organisations and publishers, this is an opportunity to explore the Catholic Faith. There are talks on topics ranging from Christian art to the plight of persecuted Christians in different parts of the world.There will be music, activities for children, and an opportunity to visit stalls and displays showing a wide range of Catholic activities, and to buy Catholic books, tapes, DVDs, monastic produce, and more admission is free, and the Festival opens at 10 am.                                                           
A lovely story of a faithful dog provided by Mary Mc Hugh. If you think you can match this then send me your contribution.

One Dog and his Man

After a hectic summer, my ambition for 1997 was to take up candlernaking for relaxation, but first I had to have a winter break. My grandfather, Francis McHugh was a shoemaker with family roots near Glasgow. What better plans for a break in November than Edinburgh, where I could continue my
search for long lost cousins. Also, I once heard that a very special dog lived there many years ago.
Edinburgh is a beautiful city dominated by its castle, has many places of historical interest, and it is so easy to wander around without getting lost. Although I found no leads worth pursuing in tracing relatives, I learned that the name Francis was first introduced to Scotland from France by the
godchildren and namesakes of Mary Queen of Scots. 

The story that really got my attention was Greyfriars Bobby. Bobby was a Skye Terrier who lived with his master, John Grey, in the 1850's. Every Wednesday they visited the market, and at 1pm they both went to Trait's dining rooms for lunch. In 1858 John Grey died, and ttvee days after the funeral the dog turned up at the dining room looking sad and lost. The owner recognizing Bobby gave him a bun and the dog left. It became a habit for Bobby to call at the dining rooms daily for his bun. Eventually the owner, full of curiosity, followed the dog to discover that he was taking the bun to eat it
on his dead master's grave. In spite of numerous attempts to give Bobby a new home, he always ran away and was found on his master's grave. Greyfriars churchyard became his home, where he kept vigil for the rest of his life.
When Bobby died in 1872 he was buried in the church yard near John Grey's grave, and a granite stone memorial has been erected to the one who mourned his master for fourteen years. Even non dog lovers cannot help but be moved by this true story of loyalty.
There are books written about Greyfriars Bobby, and the local pub and snack bar are named after him. Today, a statue modeled from life, of this very special Skye terrier proudly stands to his memory at the top of Candlmaker Row.
Mary McHugh LI.P.S.