Dear Ramblers


The time is near when the Club will celebrate its 75th Anniversary. A most important event in this year will be be the

75th Annual General Meeting and this will take place at 4 30 pm

(refreshments from 4 pm) on Saturday 8 October, St Mary MoorfieIds, EIdon
Street (just outside Liverpool Street


Please make every effort make it a record turnout and to put forward nominations to fill important posts on the Committee (a nomination arm is endosed . this newsIetter). 


Leading up this event this year we have had a number of celebratory events culminating with the final one being on the Oay of the AGM itself. To mark this special occasion Bishop Bemard LongIey has kindly agreed to celebrate Holy Mass for us after the AGM at St Mary MoorfieIds Church. He has particularly asked for volunteers to plan the liturgy and I would
therefore urge some of you to contact Gillian Mclauchlan for this purpose if you have not already done so.


Gillian would welcome members who are Eucharistic Ministers volunteering for various duties and also contributions in putting together a selection of biddig prayers.

Our Club is also honoured by the Holy Father as during the Mass we will receive a Papal Blessing. Afterwards at approximately 7.00pm we will go down in to the Church Hall where there will be wine and canapes served.


This then be followed a few words of introduction by Fr. Peter Newby and a brief history of the club by me. There will be a delicious meal served for £4.50 per head and wine will be available at £5 a bottle. You should not miss the event as it· a time for members to show their solidarity. The event is an important milestone in the
Club's history and one which members should be proud of. The meal is sure to be of excellent value as the hall has been fitted with a new kitchen and has the services of an excellent chef. In order to book your place you should inform Gillian  McLauchlan by the end of September and send her your cheque for £4.50 (payable to the St Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers Club). This win be a lime when you need to show your support for the Club by your presence at the celebratory Mass and Meal.


One of the highlights of the last quarter was the Club's holiday to Assisi to commemorate the anniversary of our Club. There as a group of nineteen of us that enjoyed a memorable holiday. Our group was led by Fr Peter Newby who not only celebrated Holy Mass for us every day but also led us on a number of rambles.


Our journey started at Heathrow where we all met up and journeyed together to our first stop which was to a hotel in Assisi. A number of us had elected to share accommodation in order keep our costs down. Joe O'ReilIy and I had chosen to share with each other. When we reached our room we were amazed to see that we had been allocated one double bed to share. Both Joe and I quickly realised that there had been a mistake. Pandemonium started to break out the with the ladies our group because they also had been given a double bed to share. The quickly put right by the hotel staff and was well once again. The only problem had been that poor Barbara Bridle who had worked so hard in putting the trip together felt badly about the episode. In fact every time I think of the resulting pandemonium I have to laugh because the situation was so funny.


We enjoyed three days in Assisi and among the many places visited were the little Church which St Francis was spoken to by the Crucifix and also his remote hermitage tucked away on the side of a mountain.   


After Assisi we travelled to PaIazzoIa which is situated in a beautiful spot high on the side of a mountain overlooking Lake Alba. The building that we stayed in very impressive as it was on a site first occupied by the Romans. In later years it was used as a monastery and during
World War Two occupied by the Nazis. In more recent years it has been used as a guest house for religious groups. On our arrival the Director of the premises kindly gave us a guided tour of the place. The building was impressive and in some ways resembled a stately home with the exception of the bedroom accommodation which was very monastic. There was a lovely chapel on one side of the building, in the other parts there a large dining room  with three long tables, there was a common room with a balcony overfookiog the lake, and the well stocked library was in a large room with lots of easy chairs. The grounds of this magnificent building were equall 

impressive. There was also a lovely loutdoor swimming pool with life guard and all. Our days were passed with rambles through the woodland beside the scenic lake.


Whilst staying in this building in the evenings we managed to make our own entertainment. On our first night in the Common Room Joe O'ReiIly organized a poetry evening which was
enjoyed by all. On the second evening there was a retired priest who was on holiday and staying in PalazzoIa and joined in on our poetry and entertained us with his poetry and songs whilst playing the piano.


After Palazzola our final joumey took us to Rome via a place where we stopped to view the local catacombs. I found the catacombs very interesting and also thought provoking. If you have never seen a catacomb you should put it on your list of things to see. For centuries people buried their dead by digging deep into hard rock and forming lots of catacombs. One has to
marvel at the passion for doing such hard work for generations. When we arrived in Rome our group made straight for the Basilica whilst John Burbage and I instead thought that we would find a good restaurant off the beaten track for our last meal in Italy.

On our last day as a token of our appreciation for which the group contributed we made a presentation to Fr.Peter and Barbara Bridle of plaques which had the canticle of St Francis on
them. Again my thanks and praise go to Barbara Bridle for bringing the idea of a commemorative hollday to fruition and also to Fr Peter for his celebrating Mass for us each day and being our ramble leader.


Past Events


Bill O'Neill's 60th Birthday party 23 July 2005 in the Corrib Rest.

I wish to thank all of those of you who attended and especially those who brought me a present. Ihave already passed on my thanks to those people but just in case Ihave missed you, many thanks.

I was delighted to see so many of my family wbo had travelled from other countries to be with me. Iexpect soon I will have invitations for parties in Switzerland. AustraIia. United States and


Holiday     in      Kidderminster & Warwick 16 to 26 Sept 2005

Visiting some of the houses with Priest's hiding places and secret chapels. It is hoped to visit Harvington Hall, BaddesIey CIinton Court and perhaps BoscobeI House and Moseley Old Hall. And to walk in this area associated with the English Martyrs. Staying in Kidderminster from Friday 16th  September to Friday morning 23rd September (7 nights) Standard single room is 27 for B&B. Then in Warwick from Friday 23rd eptember to Tuesday morning 27th September (4 nights). Standard single room is £22 per night for B&B. For detai contact Dorothy Hickman 


Former Ramblers Reunion 1 Oct 2005

For further details contact Mane Tisi  

Dates for your diary.

Saturday 8 Oetober. the cIub's AGM (see first paragraph overleaf)
Sat 5 November 2005

We celebrate our annual Mass for deceased members. 6 30 PM at St Joseph's Church, Bunhill row.

Also on Sat 5th November National Festival of Catholic culture at Westminster Cathedral Hall.

Sat 10th Dec Christmas Meal- more details in next newsletter.

Sun 18th Dec Christmas Social - more details in next newsletter.
Sat 7th  Jan New Year Party


Additional walks

If you fancy an occasional midweek walk then please contact Dorothy Hickman



By the end of the period covered by this programme it willI be time to pay your subscriptions for 2005-06 so please don't put it off. Send a cheque for £5 (payable to "St Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers Cfub") to Gillian. (address only in printed programme). Those who joined the club for the first time after 31 July do not need to pay again at this time as their initial subscription takes them up to October 2006. As a means of reducing the work involved in the
collection of subscriptions it would be very helpful if a Standing Order Form could be completed and returned to our Treasurer, GilIian Mclauchlan.
Forms can be obtained from Gillian.


New Members.

Welcome to Eileen Kelly from Nottholt, Jo McGJynn from E5. Welcome back from foreign soil, Stephen SharpIes of St AIbans. Also a special welcome Alice and Jim Kennedy of Dun
Laoghaire, Whose company I had the pleasure of on the holiday to Assisi. 

New life Member Pat Harpur (Nee Marsden).


Obituary: We are sorry to team of the
death in March of John Dingle. John
originally joined the Club in 1947 and at

 the time he died was a life member. R.I.P.


Items for the next Newsletter

ShouId reach the Secretary by 17th Novembar 2005.


God Bless and Happy Rambling




Club Committee members 2004 - 05

(Please note: Addresses and telephone numbers are not included in this  internet version of the programme)  



President:                                                                   Vice President: Helen Hunt,

Fr Peter Newby, 
Parish Priest, St MaIy MoorfieIds,

4-5 Eldon Street, 

London EC2M 7LS  


Secretary: Bill O'Neill                                                  Treasurer: GilIian McLauchlan


Ramble List CompilerTony Norton                           Membership Secretaries:


                                                                                       Alison CIaIke, 

Social Secretary                                                           Committee Members

Hania Poniatowska,                                                        WitoId SokoIowskl, 



Ramble List and News September - November 2005


 September 2005


I would like to thank all the people who have come forward with walks for this programe, My
successor will need walks for the Winter by the Second week of November please

Many thanks



Sunday 4th September 2005 ( Explorer map 146 )                        Leader Wltold Sokolowski


MEET        : Waterloo 0945 for 10.07 train to Ash Vale (arr 11.05)

LUNCH      : late at White Hart pub Pirbright then explore military cemetery
TEA           :

DISTANCE: 10 Miles returning from Brookwood

FARE         : £7.15 cdr Ash Vale with etwork card discount


Sunday 11th September 2005 (Explorer map 135)                         Leader Maurice Hickman


MEET                  : Victoria 0840 for 0904 train to Billingshurst(arr 1014)

LUNCH               :  The Selsey Arms, Coo ham

TEA                    :  The village hall Shipley

DISTANCE         : 11 Miles reurning from Christs Hospital

FARE                    £9.40 cdr Billingshurst with Network card discount


Sunday 18th September 2005 (Explorer map 150)                              Leader Paul Brunning


MEET        : Charing Cross 0900 for 09.24 train to Chilham (arr 11.03) 

LUNCH      : The Chapter Arms, Chartham Hatch

TEA            : Canterbury

DISTANCE : 9 Miles, returning from Canterbury

FARE          : £11.50 cdr Canterbury with etwork card discount


Sunday 25th September 2005 (Landranger map 197)                         Leader John Haworth


MEET         : Victoria 0840 for 0904 train to Arundel (arr 1032) 

LUNCH       : The Sportsman, Amberley
TEA            : Possibly at Arundel
DISTANCE : 14 miles returning from Arundel
FARE          : £11.90 cdr Arundel with network card discount


October 2005


Sunday 2nd October 2005 (Landranger map 166)                              Leader Robert Slater


MEET          : King's Cross Thameslink 0910 for 0932 to Harlington arrive 10.29
LUNCH       :  The Chequers, PulloxhilI
TEA             :  The Red Lion, Upper Sundon
DISTANCE  :  11 miles returning from Harlington. One steep climb in the afternoon

FARE           : £8.40 cdr Harlington with network card discount


Sunday 9thOctober 2005 (Explorer map 158)                                      Leader Philip Evans


MEET         : Paddington 0910 for 0935 train to Newbury (arr. 10 39)
LUNCH       : The Furze Bush Ball Hill
TEA             : The Red Lion, Upper Sundon

DISTANCE  : 14 Miles returning from Newbury
FARE           : £9.90 cdr Newbury with etwork card discount


Sunday 16th October 2005 (Explorer map 147)                                   Leader Paul Brunning


MEET             : Victoria 0940 for 10.00 train to Otford 1105

LUNCH           : The Crown, Shoreham
TEA                 : 
DISTANCE     :  10 Miles, returning from Otford
FARE              : £5.60 Cdr to Otford with etwork card discount



Sunday 23rd October 2005 (Landranger map 187 and 176)             Leader Tony Finnegan


MEET             : Waterloo 0940 for 10.03 train to Cobham (arr 1041)
LUNCH           : West End Common, Esher. Choice of good food in pub or cafeteria at nearby                               Garden centre or eat own on Village green

TEA                 : Hampton Court .

DISTANCE      : 9 Miles returning from Hampton Court
FARE               : £4.80 all zone travel card plus £1.85 single to Cobham. Both prices include

                           network card discount  when ticket is bought at a station


Sunday 30th October 2005 (Explorer map 121)                                   Leader Maurice Hickman


MEET        : Victoria 0840 for 0904 train to Arundel (arr 10.32) 

LUNCH      : Maypole Inn, Yapton
TEA            : Arundel, if possible

DISTANCE : 12 Miles returning from Arundel

FARE          : £11.90 cdr Arundel with network card discount


November 2005


Sunday 6th November 2005 ( Explorer map 147 )                               Leader Philip Evans


MEET          : Charing Cross 0930 for 0954 train to Sevenoaks (arr 10.28)

LUNCH        : Padwell Arms Stone St

TEA              :Sevenoaks possibly

DISTANCE   :11 hilly miles returning from Sevenoaks

FARE            :£4.75 cdr Sevenoaks with network card discount


Sunday 13th November 2005 (os maps 188)                                           Leader Helen Hunt


MEET          : Victoria OB.50 for 9.18 train to Maidstone East(arr 10.18)

LUNCH         : The Fleur de Lys, Burham (GR731619) Pub serve good food.(own food must not

                         be eaten anywhere on pub premises

TEA               :The Friars, Aylesford

DISTANCE    : 13 Miles retuming from Maidstone East

FARE             :£8ASedr Maidstone East with network card discount


Sunday 20th November 2005   (Explorer map133)                                      Leader Philip Evans


MEET          : Waterloo OB35 for 0900 train to RowIand Castle (arr 1036)

LUNCH        : Coach & Horses Compton

TEA             : 

DISTANCE  :10 Miles retuming from Rowtands Castle

FARE           :£10.35 cdr Rowlands Castle with etwork card discount 


 Sunday 27th November 2005 (Explorer map 134)             Leader Maurice Hickman


MEET          : Victoria 1010 for 1034 train to lfield (arr 11.39)
LUNCH        : Lamb Inn. Lambs Green

TEA              : The Jubilee Oak High St Crawle. Aftemoon walk includes a visit to the Museum

                        in Goffs park

DISTANCE    :  8 iles retuming from Craw1ey

FARE             : £10.00 cdr lfield with etwork card discount




Please ensure you bring your  Network card or Gold card so that you can get the 1/3rd off
full fares for yourself and up to three guests travelling with you. You can also get 50p off all
zone travel cards even if purchased at underground stations.


Unless otherwise indicated the fare shown is the fare from the London terminus to our

destination. Most people can get a reduction by using a travel card for part of the journey.

Don't forget Sunday train sservices can be affected by engineering works. Information on
ese can be obtained by calling 08457 484950 or see National Rail Website at