Although the content of this page includes everything that was in the published programme for Autumn 2002 the layout is different as the three column pages that were used in 2002 would be more difficult to read on screen than the single column format used here.

Approved by Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster
Affiliated to the Ramblers Association Registered Charity Number 306089

Hello Ramblers,

Afer ten years as parish priest at St Mary Moorfield ,and president of our club, Fr David Barnes is moving to Bishops Stortford. We would like to thank him for all his help and involvement in the club, especially for hosting the last
Day of Recollection, which those who attended found spiritual and thought
provoking. Saddened as we are that he is moving on, we are sure that all
members extend to Fr David their prayers and good wishes for his new


Fr Peter Newby is our new president, and comes to St Mary Moorfields
from an appointment as Chaplain at Oxford University. We welcome him,
and look forward to his collaboration with our club for many years to come.

The Club AGM, will be held  on Saturday 12th October at 3,3Qpm with tea and scones served from 3.00pm, at Holy Apostles Church Hall Cumberland St in Pimlico. From Pimlico Station walk straight down Lupus Street. Cumberland Street is a right turn about eight minutes walk from the station, or the 24 bus stops nearby. 

The AGM is a time for members to come forward and offer to serve a term
on the committee; nomination slips are someone to nominate forms are enclosed. Please consider getting someone to nominate you or nominate somebody yourself (with their agreement of course). We need a constant flow of new committee members and new ideas to maintain the successful tradition of the club.

As mentioned in the last newsletter I will be definitely stepping down as
Secretary, so we urgently need to fill this position. If you come forward
you will find as I did that you receive a lot of support and encouragement
to help you along. 


This is also a time for members to bring up any concerns they may have
about the Club, and also a chance to have a say in how things are run. We
invite you this year to write in with motions that you wish to raise on the day in advance to Helen Hunt. This is so that they can be dealt with effectively and satisfactorily. Please be advised that members who submit motions, must be present at the AGM otherwise the matter cannot be

We also ask you kindly to raise only issues that are relevant to the general business and running of the club, and not individual issues, which should have been dealt with at or near the time they occurred with the member concerned, or the relevant committee member.

Motions should be sent to Helen Hunt to arrive no later than Saturday 7th
September and nominations should  with her by Saturday 28'" September.
Subscriptions are due In October. 
As agreed at last year's AGM this year it has been necessary to increase the
subscription to £5 due to increases in the cost of postage and printing. £5 for
a whole year's membership, with just the one £5 for married couples, is still
outstandingly good value if you compare it for example to £20 for Ramblers Association membership or a minimum of £15 for membership of the
Catholic Truth Society. So please remember to payor your membership will be considered lapsed.

Welcome to new member:
John Sealy, Wallington.

th Summer Party, 7 September: See below for full details.


Saturday, 14th September - Parish Barn Dance at Holy Apostles Church 
Hall. Pimlico. Also forthcoming in the autumn term: "Mansfield Park' by
Jane Austen. Date to be announced  or contact Eileen Sheehy, Parish 
Office for further details tel. 020 7834 6965. 

Saturday. 12'h October, 6.00pm: The annual mass for SFACRC members' 
intentions is held in Holy Apostles Church, Winchester Street, Pimlico after the AGM.

We will be going to Chimes Restaurant in Pimlico for a drink and a meal
afterwards. A table has been booked, but need to confirm numbers so
please advise me three days before the AGM if you intend coming.

Saturday. 16th November, 6.00pm:
The annual mass for diseased members of SFACRC will also be held in Holy Apostles Church, Winchester Street, Pimlico. Venue for a drink and a meal afterwards to be advised on the  day.

Informal reunion on Saturday, 23rd November at the Royal Festival Hall,
London. Contact Esther Harris  or Maureen Furlong 

The Club BBQ, 13 July:
It was a glorious sunny day fit for a BBQ. Tony and Helen brought wonderful music. The benches were laid out on the lawn. Smoke billowed from the BBQs meals sizzling away A banquet was spread out salads, rolls, relishes and desserts.
But where were you?
The turnout, compared to last year was very poor and a ajor disappointment. However, thank you to all those who did come and gave your support - your presence was very much appreciated as always. A big thank you to John Burbage for arranging this for us this year as well.

OBITUARIES: Our sympathies and prayers for Elsie Atkins, from Thornton
Heath who died in March. She was a member of our club from 1954 to 1974.

Also to the family and friends of Winnie Herring who died in May. The membership records shows her to have been already a member when

membership records began in 1938 and remained one up to 1978. She was a committee member during the war years including being Secretary from 1943 to 1945.

And also to family and friends of Audrey Stiles, who sadly passed away on 20th July. Audrey had been a member since 1958. Her funeral mass was held on 3'dJuly at Our Lady & St Thomas of Canterbury Church, Harrow-on-the-Hill which was attended by some of her friends from the club.

Elsie, Winnie and Audrey will be remembered in the Annual Mass for
Deceased Members on Saturday, 16th  November. 

I was a stranger . . . (Mt 25:35):
Following on from last newsletter's note about being more welcoming to
members of other races or religion, we would also like to make you aware of
introducing around a new member who joins a walk on the day, to make
them feel more welcome and part of the community of the club.

The SFACRC website: Don't forget to visit our website (address on the top
of this newsletter) when you are surfing the net, and also recommend it to prospective members.

Sponsor a walk on the Great Wall of China: Helen O'Brien is doing a walk
to raise money in aid of St Andrew's Hospice on 3 March 2003. She needs
to raise £2,500 by January 2003 and would be grateful to receive any 
contributions, which can be sent to her at home. Any fund-raising ideas would be appreciated too. Good luck to Helen from all of us on this exciting and Challenging venture.

Forthcoming Christmas events:
Sunday. 15th December: Christmas Ramble and Social. Full details to
follow in the next newsletter and programme.

Saturday. 11th January 2003: Christmas Party. Again, details of this
and the Christmas Dinner to follow in the next issue.

Y.H.A. Group Membership Card:
The club is in possession of a group membership Y.H.A. card. Please
contact Helen in advance, if you would like to borrow it in case she is away at the time you need it.


Items for next programme should reach the secretary or ramble list compiler by 19th October 2002.

God Bless and happy rambling...

Club Committee Members 2001/2002


Fr Peter Newby, Parish Priest,
St Mary Moorfields, London EC2M 7LS


VIce President:
Helen Hunt, 

Antoinette Connolly, 

Gillian McLauchlan

Ramble List Compiler:
Paul Connolly, 

Membership Secretaries:
Maria Darroch,
John Burbage, 

Social Secretary:
Mary Maxwell, 

Committee Members:
Nick Peterson, 
Mike Hoffman, 



Sunday 15th September 2002 (os map 166)                   Leader: Phil Evans
MEET Kings Cross 0940 for 1006 train to Welwyn Garden City (an 1031)
MEET           :  Train also calls Finsbury Park at 1011
LUNCH         :  Elephant & Castle, Amwell
TEA              :  Wait and see
DISTANCE   :  16 mostly level miles returning from Welwyn Garden City
FARE            :£7.30 cdr Welwyn Garden City

Sunday 8th September 2002 (os map 186)   Leader: Witold Sokolowski
MEET          :  Waterloo 0920 for 0945 train to Famcombe (arr 1026)
LUNCH        :  Inn By The Lake, Godalming
TEA              :  Should be
DISTANCE   :  10 miles returning from Milford
FARE            :  £10.30 cdr Milford

Sunday 15thSeptember 2002 (os maps 198 & 199)    Leader: Maurice Hickman
MEET         : East Croydon 0845 for 0905 train to Uckfield (arr 1008)
                     Connecting trains: From Victoria 0834 arrives East Croydon

                     0853 From London Bridge 0840 arrives East Croydon 0855
LUNCH      :New Inn, Hadlow Down - Pub does not serve food
TEA            :Cock & Bull, Uckfield
DISTANCE : 12 miles returning from Uckfield
FARE          : £7.60 cdr Uckfield with Network Card discount
The walk will take in Fox Wood where there is a tree dedicated to Genett Berhe

Maurice will meet the ramblers at East Croydon

Sunday 22nd September 2002 (os map 175) Leaders: Maureen Cahalane & Bridie Barry
MEET           :  Paddington 0850 for 0918 train to Pangbourne (arr 1020)
LUNCH        :  King Charles' Head, Goring Heath - Field nearby if you want

                        to do your own grazing
TEA              :  Hopefully Mapledurham - entrance fee £tba
DISTANCE   :  9 miles returning from Pangbourne
FARE            :  £7.20 cdr Pangbourne with network card discount

Sunday 29th September 2002 (os map 165) Leaders: Tony Finnegan & Paul Connolly
MEET             :  Marylebone 0820 for 0845 train to Haddenham & Thame

                       :  Parkway (arr 0936)
LUNCH           :  Red Lion, Brill
TEA                :  ???
DISTANCE     : 18 miles returning from Haddenham
                         Mostly level, apart from one stiff climb up into Brill, before

FARE             :  £8.60 cdr Haddenham & Thame Parkway with network card


Sunday 6th October 2002 (os maps 179 & 189)     Leader: Tony Norton
MEET             :  Charing Cross 0810 for 0830 train to Folkestone Central (arr

LUNCH          :  First & Last, Dover
TEA               :  ??
DISTANCE    :  17 miles mostly along the Saxon Shore Way returning from

FARE             :   £13.00 cdr Deal with network card discount

Sunday 13thOctober (os map 153) Leader: John Burbage
MEET : Kings Cross Thameslink 0910 for 0931 train to Flitwick (arr 1030)
Train also calls at East Croydon 0901, London Bridge 0915, Blackfriars 0919, Farringdon 0927,
Kentish Town 0935, and West Hampstead 0939.
LUNCH The Old Sun, Ampthill- good value food
TEA Flitwick
DISTANCE 13 miles returning from Flitwick
FARE £8.80 cdr Flitwick with network card discount

Sunday 20th October (os map 188) Leader: Paul Brunning
MEET Charing Cross 0945 for 1010 train to Sevenoaks (arr 1045)
LUNCH The White Rock Inn, Underriver - good pub grub
TEA Maybe in Sevenoaks
DISTANCE 10 miles returning from Sevenoaks
FARE £6.50 cdr Sevenoaks
Paul will meet the ramblers at Sevenoaks

Sunday 27th October (os map 166) Leader: Tony Finnegan
MEET : Kings Cross Thamelink 0910 for 0931 train to St Albans (arr 1006)
Train also calls at East Croydon 0901, London Bridge 0915, Blackfriars 0919, and Farringdon 0927,
Kentish Town 0935, and West Hampstead 0939.
LUNCH The Wicked Lady, Nomansland
TEA St Albans Abbey - if we arrive early enough
DISTANCE 17 miles returning from St Albans
FARE £7.90 cdr St Albans

Sunday 3rd November (os map 153) Leader: Paul Connolly
MEET : Kings Cross 0855 for 0921 train to Sandy (arr 1010)
Train also calls Finsbury Park at 0926
LUNCH The Cock, Broom
TEA Henlow
DISTANCE 13 miles returning from Arlsey
FARE £8.00 cdr Sandy with network card discount

Sunday 10thNovember (os map 187) Leader: Maurice Hickman
MEET Victoria 1010 for 1034 train to Coulsdon South (arr 1102)
LUNCH The Fox, Coulsdon Common
TEA Fanny's Farm Shop
DISTANCE 12 miles returning from Redhill
FARE All zones one day travelcard £5.00 plus excess Redhill - zone 6 £2.60 single
Maurice will meet the ramblers at Coulsdon South