Dear Ramblers,

Coming soon to a venue near you, The SFACRC AGM! Set for Saturday 13th October at
3.00pm in St. Mary Moorfields Church hall, Moorgate. Nearest tube/rail stations are Moorgate and Liverpool Street. Tea and scones will be served from 2.30pm.

This is a time for members to come forward and offer to serve a term on the committee; nomination slips are enclosed (shown at the end of the newsletter on the inyernet). Please consider getting someone to nominate you or nominate somebody yourself (with their agreement of course).

We need a constant flow of new committee members and new ideas to maintain the successful tradition of the club.

The AGM is also a time for members to bring up any concerns they may have about the Club, and also a chance to have a say in how things are run, use or lose it.

The 5.30pm Mass on the day is offered for SFACRC members. We will go to the Wetherspoons
pub, Masque Haunt, in Old Street for a drink and a meal afterwards.


Summer BBQ: Despite the terrible weather at the start of the day everyone who came had a good time. Look forward to next year's  Summer BBQ when hopefully more members would attend. Many thanks to John Burbage for all his hard work in setting this up for us.

Welcome to new members: Joan King, Middlesex and Colette O'Harte, London SW1.

Advice to new members: Please read your introductory leaflet carefully, especially about wearing suitable footwear with ankle support for your own safety, and maintaining good relations with pub owners by not eating your own food on their premises.

Subscriptions: Membership subs are due in October and it is still only £4.00. Cheques should be made payable to St. Francis of Assisi Cathollic Rambers Club and sent to our Treasurer, Gillian McLauchlan. Subs in cash/cheques can also be given to any committee member you meet on a Sunday ramble.

Christmas already? Please put Saturday 15th December in your diary if you would like to come to the SFACRC Christmas dinner. The restaurant and other details will be announced in the next issue.

After the Christmas and New Year celebrations January can seem an anti climax. Never fear, as we will be coming to your rescue by holding the Christmas Party in January - watch this space for further details.






Wedding congratulations to Paul and Loma (nee O'Donnell) Rowntree who got married on 26th May. Paul became a member of the club recently - Best wishes to you both from the 

Keeping in touch: Frances Tolhurst (formerly Kershaw) has asked to convey her thanks for the leaving card she received. She was pleased to find it waiting in her new home in Australia when she moved in. If any members go over to Australia she hopes they will get in touch with her (please contact me or Gillian for her address).

Obituaries: Our deepest sympathy to Josephine Bums (nee Brunning) and her family on the death of her husband John on 14th March. Josephine and John had been members of the club since the 1960s and got married after
meeting each other through the club rambles.

A Mass for the repose of his soul, and for the souls of all the deceased club members will be held on Saturday 10th November at 6.00pm in Westminster
Cathedral, Victoria. Members can gather after Mass to go for a meal and a drink

Malvern Hills Weekend

by Mary Maxwell

Some18 of us spent a delightful few days in Great Melvern over the first Bank holiday weekend In May. Our hosts were Maureen and Trevor Conway. We were very lucky on a number of counts. It was the first time that the Malvern HIlls were open forwalking and It was the first good weather of the year.


We all met up in a pub on the Friday  evening and discussed the programme with Trevor and Maureen over a 'jar'.


On the Saturday morning,Trevor gave us a guided tour of Great Malvern. We were  fascinated to discover the connection with Elgar and his interesting monument in the Town Centre. Some of us spent the earty afternoon exploring the lovely and very well preserved 11th century former Benedictine Priory and the  Interesting Museum. Afterwards  Trevor escorted us over the Hills for Mass in Malvern Link. Trevor and Maureen then very generously hosted a lovely vegetartan meal for all of us.


Next day our ramble over the Malvern Hills was more strenuous but It was followed by the usual Ramblers pub lunch. Thus fortified we proceeded to traipse over the hills again in the opposite direction.That evening Trevor introduced to the delights of one of the  local hostelries.


Onthe Monday,a lovely warm sunny day, we set off to explore Worcester,especially the Cathedral and some of us had a meander along the river. And so back to London that evening, refreshed by the beauty of the  Malvern countryside, especiallythe clean air  and indeed wondering why we were not living there as well.

Grateful thanks from all of us to Trevor and Maureen for giving so much time to making the weekend a success and especial thanks for the lovely meal.







by Maureen Furlong

Many thanks to Maureen and Trevor for
organising so efficiently the walking holiday at
Malvern, their present home town.

On the Friday evening we all met at 'The
Fisherman's Inn where we were told of the plans for the weekend's activities - happy and Jolly meeting.

Saturday morning was fine and bright as
Trevor took us on a very Interestlng tour of
the town. We were fortunate that some of
the hills had just opened again after the FMD closures. So, having dipped our footwear In the disinfectant pool, we had a splendid afternoon walk to St. Anne's Well Cafe. There, fortified by drinks and delicious cake, we set off again over the hlls to St. Joseph's Church for Mass.

Later In the evening we wined and dined at Maureen and Trevor's home. A very apecIaI thank you for a lovely meal and the amount of
preparation (not to mention the clearing up!) that went into It.

Those of us who decided to take a late three mile walk back to the Youth Hostel had a little adventure but that's another story!

We are very greteful, however, to 
Maureen and John, a couple we had seen earlier in the Church, who made two trips by car to enable us to reach the hostel
before It closed.

There were more delightful walks on Sunday,
again in good weather. and thanks go to
Maureen for leading one of them.

Most of Monday was spent In Worcester, fine city. visiting the Cathedral, the Royal
Worcester Visitors' Centre and historlcai sites
before departing for our vaious destinations.

This was a most enjoyable and memorable
club trip. Maureen and Trevor, thank you

Thank you to Mary for the use of her photos

Y.H.A. Group Membership Card:
The club is in possession of a group
membership Y.HA card. Please
contact Helen in advance, if you
would like to borrow it for hostel
weekends in case she is away at the
time you need it.


A poem sent in by Norah Marshall, Cardiff. Norah saw this poem in a tourist info. office in New Zealand and it reminded her of the wet
rambles in the Essex mud in the 1960s. I'm sure it will rekindle lots of memories of other walks for all of us.

Items for next programme
should reach the secretary or ramble list compiler by 20th October 2001.
God Bless and happy rambling ...


Club Committee
Members 2000/2OO1

PresIdent:                                                 Vice Presldent:
Fr David Bames, Parish Priest,                  HeIen Hunt, 
St Mary Moorfields, London EC2M 7LS     Email:
Tal. 020 7247 8390

Secretary                                                   Treasurer
Antoinette Ratnam,                                      GIIIan McLauchlan

Ramble List Compiler.                               Membership Secretaries
Paul ConnoIIy,                                              Maria Darroch, 

                                                                                        John Burbage 


Social Secretary                                           Committee  Members               Mary MaxweIl                                                 Robert Slater
                                                                         Nick Peterson



It looks as though the Foot and Mouth crisis has abated to a point where people can use country paths again, hence the programme that has been put together. Let us hope that for all concerned that this improvement continues. Should any particular ramble still be affected please note the following; Ramble leaders:
Please phone me latest by the Tuesday prior to your ramble if you have to substantially alter what is supposed to happen that day. Please also let other committee members know as well. Ramblers : By each Thursday evening there will be a message regarding the following Sunday on the intro tape of my answering machine, if any changes have been notified
by the leader concerned.

Please note the train times change on 29th September so times may vary from those in the programme. Please phone 08457 48 49 50 for details of services on Sundays you are walking.

Sunday 2nd September 2001 (os maps 195& 196) Leader: Ranald Watson

MEET          : Waterloo 0825 for 0850 train to Brockenhurst (arr 1052)
LUNCH       : The Turfcutters Arms, East Boldre
TEA            : Brockenhurst
DISTANCE : 14 miles returning from Brockenhurst
A pleasant level walk that goes through a variety of New Forest Scenery
FARE          : £ 16.05 cdr Brockenhurst with network card discount


Sunday 9th September 2001 (os maps 165& 175) Leader: Maria Darroch
MEET          : Marylebone 0800 for 0824 train to Saunderton (arr 0916)
LUNCH       : Bull & Butcher, Turville. Good food but expensive
TEA            : Wait and see
DISTANCE : 19 hilly miles returning from Saunderton
FARE         :£ 6.60 cdr Saunderton with network card discount

Sunday 16th September 2001 (os map 168)                                                         Leader: Frank Bigg 
MEET         :   Liverpool Street 0850 for 0915 train to Manningtree (arr 1017) 
LUNCH      :  Case Is Altered, Bentley 
TEA           :  Manningtree 
DISTANCE: 12 miles through Constable Country                         returning from Manningtree
FARE         :  £10.20 cdr Manningtree with network         card discount
Frank will meet the ramblers at Manningtree


Sunday 23rd September 2001 (os map 187) Leader: John Burbage
MEET Victoria 0935 for 1002 train to Christs Hospital (arr 1114 )
LUNCH The Blue Ship, The Haven
TEA Not today thanks
DISTANCE: 13 mainly level miles returning from Billingshurst
FARE £ 8.20 cdr Billingshurst with network southeast discount

Sunday 30th September 2001 (os map 188) Leader: Paul Brunning
MEET        :Charing Cross 0940 for 1000 train to Tonbridge (arr 1041)
LUNCH     : Leicester Arms, Penshurst
TEA           :  Tonbridge
DISTANCE: 12.5 miles returning from Tonbridge
FARE         :  £ 6.20 cdr Tonbridge
Paul will meet the ramblers at Tonbridge

Sunday 7th October 2001 (os map 166)      Leader: Robert Slater
MEET         :   Kings Cross 0850 for 0911 train to Stevenage (arr 0945)
LUNCH      :  The Bull Inn, Whitwell
TEA           :  Maybe
DISTANCE: 12 miles returning from Welwyn North
FARE         :  £6.50 cdr Stevenage with network card discount
Robert will meet the ramblers at Stevenage



Saturday 13th October 2001: The AGM will be held at St Mary Moorfields followed by the 5.30pm Mass for the SFACRC members. Please see above for full details.



Sunday 14th October 2001 (os map 197) Leader: Maurice Hickman
MEET Victoria 0935 for 1004 train to Arundel (arr 1132)
LUNCH Bridge Inn, just down from Amberly Station
TEA Arundel
DISTANCE: 10miles returning from Arundel
FARE £10.75 cdr Arundel with network card discount
Maurice will meet the ramblers at Arundel
Sunday 21st October (os maps 167& 168) Leader: Frank Bigg
MEET Liverpool Street 0910 for 0932 train to Chelmsford (arr 1009)
LUNCH The Bell, Woodham Mortimer
TEA Maldon or Chelmsford
DISTANCE: 13 level and downhill miles returning from Maldon
FARE £6.10 cdr Chelmsford with network card discount plus £2.40 bus fare
Maldon to Chelmsford. Frank will meet the ramblers at Chelmsford




27th / 28th October remember BST comes to an end so you get an extra hour in bed.


Sunday 28th October 2001 (os map 153)        Leader: Paul Connolly
MEET          :  Kings Cross 0855 fo!:..092UrainJo Sand arr L003)_
LUNCH       :  Rose and Crown, Potton

                       Food a bit pricey, but quality and good portions make up                         for that 

DISTANCE :  10 mostly level miles returning from Biggleswade
FARE          :  £7.80 cdr Sandy with network card discount


Saturday 10th November2001: The 6.00pm mass at Westminster Cathedral for the repose of the soul of John Burns and all other deceased members of SFACRC. See details iabove.



Sunday 11th November 2001 (os map 187)      Leader: Maurice Hickman
MEET         :  Victoria 1010 for 1034 train to Coulsdon South (arr 1102)
LUNCH      :  The Fox, Coulsdon Common
TEA           :  Fanny's Farm Shop
DISTANCE: 10 miles returning from Redhill
FARE         :  All zones travel card £4.90 plus excess from Redhill £2.60                             single
Maurice will meet the ramblers at Coulsdon South

Sunday 18th November 2001 (os map 166)       Leader: TonyNorton
MEET        :0840 for 0903 train to Enfield Lock - Zone 6 (arr 0926)
LUNCH      :  The Crown, Broxbourne
TEA           :   Hertford
DISTANCE: 12 level miles returning from Hertford (East for Liverpool Street)
                     Or (North for Finsbury Park and Kings Cross)
FARE         :  One day travelcard (all zones) £4.90 plus excess from Hertford

                      £3.30 single

Sunday 25th November 2001 (os map188)      Leader: Hilary McNabb
MEET           :Charing Cross 0940 for 1000 train to Sevenoaks (arr 1033)
LUNCH      :  Crown Point Inn, Seal Chart
TEA           :  Sevenoaks
DISTANCE:  9 miles returning from Sevenoaks
FARE         :  £6.60 cdr Sevenoaks
Hilary will meet the ramblers at Sevenoaks


Don't forget Sunday train services can be affected by engineering works. Information on these can be obtained by calling 08457 484950 or see the relevant ceefax or teletext pages on tv.

Please ensure you bring your Network cards or Gold cards so that you can get the 1I3rdoff full fares for yourself and up to three guests travelling with you. You can also get SOpoff all zone travel cards even if purchased at underground stations.

Unless otherwise indicated the fare shown is the full fare from the London terminus.