Lord make me an instrument of Your peace

          Where there is hatred, let me sow love; 
           Where there is injury, pardon;

           Where there is doubt, faith;

           Where there is despair, hope;

           Where there is darkness, light;

           Where there is sadness, joy.


           O Divine Master, grant that  I may seek

not so I much to be consoled as to console; To be

understood as to understand; to be loved as to

love; for it is in giving that we receive; and it is

in pardoning that we are pardoned 

it is in dying ... that we are born to eternal life. Amen


Hello Ramblers


We would like to welcome everyone who has joined us this year. and hope that you will all introduce new members.


Ten of us are about to start on the Glastonbury Pilgrimage. via The Isle of Wight,. where more club members had such a wonderful holiday at Freshwater Bay earlier in the year.


Anna Caruanar Dorothy Hickmanr Ron Scott & Co are going to Malta in September and we all hope they enjoy themselves tremendously.


In the meantime, we are preparing some innovative ideas for the next AGM*, including the election of our new President and Vice President. We are fortunate in that Reverend Father Fergus Kelly, who led our Day of Recollection in June, is a keen rambler, very interested in the club, and has agreed to become our President.


For the Vice Presidency we have a choice:


Paul Brunning           Nominated by Richard Chill

Mary Hickman            Nominated by Tom Lally

Tom Lally               Nominated by Fred McAndrew


For Honorary Treasurer we have:


Peter Lobo


Nominated by Ron Scott 


Ramblers, you know how vital it is to have an exchange of different views and plan for running our club, and it would be lovely to have some new people on the committee, who would have the full support of former committee members in carrying out a new range of duties such as compiling the lists, arranging social events and developing publicity so please give it a whirl.


Our resourceful Peter Lobo and Paul Brunning invite you to join them in discovering new venues for dining-out on the third Friday of every month. Meet at Leicester Square Tube booking office 18:15 - 18:30 and take it from there.


Fred McAndrew, who is taking us to Taize next Easter, introduced some of us to the recent service of prayers, chants and music, led by The Bishop of Croydon and our own Bishop Tripp of the Archdiocese of Southwark. It will be broadcast on 22 September by the BBC World Service. For Taize information contact" Fred. We're going for a week starting on Easter Sunday 1992, end the costs are: £3 per day for under 26 in tents (Very basic) - £10 - £12 per day for over 26 in dormitories, and some rooms for over 50s. All meals are included. Travel is about £85. More details in the next list.


Which reminds me, that we are thinking of raising the annual subscription to £5 for the year 1991/92. We'll talk about it at the AGM*.





Sunday 1 September 1991                           Leader: Olivia and John Delargy


Meet: WATERLOO at 09:15 for 10:32 TRAIN to ALTON

Lunch: Selbourne Arms   Tea: Chawton by Jane Austen’s Cottage

Miles: 10               Fare: £7.50  Returning at 18:20


Sunday 8 September 1991          Leader: Philip Evans


Meet: WATERLOO at 09:40 for 09:55 to ROWLANDS CASTLE (A: 11:22)

Lunch: Hare and Hounds, Stoughton  Tea: Picnic

Miles: 14     Fare: £11.90  Returning from ROWLANDS CASTLE





                                                                                       For 11:00 Start

Lunch: Robin Hood, Botany Bay     Tea: Trent Park

Miles: 10         Fare: £3.10 Travelcard.       Returning from Cockfosters



Sunday 22 September 1991          Leader: Dorothy Hickman


Meet: VICTORIA at 10:15 for 10:32 to MERSTHAM (A: 11:02)

Lunch: The Harrow, White Hill (Bring Food)   Tea: Priory Farm

Miles: 11               Fare: £4.40  Returning from Merstham



SUNDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 1991           Leader: Tony Ryan


Meet: CHARING CROSS at 10:15 for 10:30 to SEVENOAKS (A: 11.02)


Lunch: The Cock, Ide Hill           Tea: Wait and see


Miles:  11      Fare: £4.40           Returning from Sevenoaks.



SUNDAY 6 OCTOBER 1991                               Leader: Rena Borg


Meet: EUSTON at 09:45 for 10:05 to BERKHAMSTED (A: 10:44)

Lunch: Local Pub                                  Tea:  Bring a tea-bag

Miles: 11                       Fare: £6.20        Returning from Berkhamsted


SUNDAY 13 OCTOBER 1991                             Leader:  Richard Chill



Meet: BLACKFRIARS at 10:30 for 10:44 to EYNSFORD (A: 11.28)


Lunch: Lullingstone Goolf Club, Chelsfield          Tea: Mill, Polehill

Miles: 10           Fare: £4.40                    Returning from Otford



SUNDAY 20 OCTOBER 1991                             Leader: Maurice Hickman



Meet: WATERLOO at 09:10 for 09:25 to PETERSFIELD (A: 10:39)


Lunch: Mystery Pub                   Tea: Likewise

Miles: 11           Fare: £9.70        Returning from Petersfield


SUNDAY 27 OCTOBER 1991                             Leader: Leonard Hemming



Meet: KINGS CROSS TUBE at 10:00 for 10:20 to COCKFOSTERS TUBE

                                                                                    For 11:00 start  

Lunch: Potters Bar                     Tea: A slim chance in Trent Park?

Miles:  10   Fare: £3.10 Travelcard             Returning from Cockfosters



SUNDAY 3 NOVEMBER 1991                            Leader: Ron Scott



Meet: CHARING CROSS at 09:15 for 09:30 to SEVENOAKS (A: 10.02)   

Lunch: Rose and Crown             Tea: Picnic

Miles:  12   Fare: £4.80 Travelcard             Returning from Sevenoaks



SUNDAY 10 NOVEMBER 1991                          Leader: Maurice Hickman


Meet: VICTORIA at 09:45 for 10:02 to REDHILL (A: 10.32)          

Lunch: Fox and Hounds, South Godstone          Tea: St Hamburgas

Miles:  13   Fare: £4.40 Travelcard             Returning from Redhill


SUNDAY 17 NOVEMBER 1991                          Leader: Rena Borg


Meet: WATERLOO at 09:40 for 09:57 to RICHMOND (A: 10:17)

Lunch: Teddington Lock                                    Tea:  Pembroke Lodge

Miles: 10           Fare: £3.10 Travelcard               Returning from Richmond



SUNDAY 24 NOVEMBER 1991                          Leader: Paul Brunning



Meet: CHARING CROSS at 09:45 for 10:00 to SEVENOAKS (A: 10.32)   

Lunch: The Crown                      Tea: Sevenoaks

Miles:  10   Fare: £4.40 Travelcard             Returning from Sevenoaks



Mass at the Church of St Anselm and St Cecilia, Holborn




In November we will have Mass for each of our members who died
this year


Patrick Connor. who was a regular rambler from 1955 to 1970
and who died on 25 February 1991


Ernest Atkinson , father of Margaret Eason (nee Atkinson).
who died on 14 June. Ernest and his wife Kathleen joined
in the 1930s and Kathleen, who lives with Margaret and her
husband Bernard, is a former secretary.


John Griffey. who was an outstanding personality and .
organised many social events which were so original they are
still talked about. He WaS a devout convert who left London
to open a second-hand bookshop in Bath before eventually
going to live in Bristol.


I am sure we will all be inspired by the enthusiasm of our former
members when we come to our AGM in October to elect our
completely new committee and plan for an adventurous year ahead.
As we pray for them let us also ask them to continue a tradition
of good fellowship and fun.


We will also have Mass for all of our departed members, in
November, and the dates are as follows:


Dates to be announced at the A.G.M.


After each Mass Peter and Paul will take us all for a meal.

                               *   *   *

                               *   *   * 


Mass at the Cathedral





Our Mass will be on Saturday 26 October at 6 pm (a week after
the A. G. M. )




The date of the AGM is Saturday 19 October (7.00-9.00 p.m.)

and will be held at St Vincent's, Carlisle Plece. London SW1.
Please come, to elect the new committee and to make your personal
contribution towards running the club. You all have a great deal
to offer and with your help we will attract many new members and
share our faith on our feet.


God bless you.


* Footnote added to the website copy of this programme in September 2017:  In the event the AGM in 1991, which was chaired by the late John Lawrence, elected an entirely new committee, elected Paul Brunning as vice president but Fred McAndrew agreed to be named as life vice president, but did not agree an increase in the annual subscription. The Chairman, who had also audited the books that year, said that as the club finances were healthy there was no need at that time to increase the membership subscription. The idea of inviting Fr Kelly to be the president of the club was not pursued. At that time there had not been regular contact with St Mary Moorfields but that was put tp rights in 1995 when Frr David Barnes, then Parish Priest at St Mary Moorfields resumed the traditional position of being Club President ex officio. He attended AGMs, led a day of recollection at the Grail and warmly welcomed club members to the annual Mass in October. The active participation of the President continued with Fr (now Canon) Peter Newby who led two days of recollection and was our brilliant guide for the 75th anniversary pilgrimage to Assisi. Fr Chris has now been President for over a year and has also been active and welcoming to members of the club.