(Under the Patronage of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster)


Vice-President                   Hon. Treasurer                      Hon. Secretary

Fred McAndrew                 Bridie Barry                           Veronique Dochain




Ramble List Compiler :       Philip Evans 


Social Events: Paul rl'unning. 

Other Duties  :

-Maureen Cahalane

- Maureen Furlong, 

- John Delargy, 

- Peter Lobo, 


We welcome Theresa Clucas, Ona Armalas, Martin Harrisson, John Wayre,
Alison Pereira, Stephen Graham, Robert Witton, Catherine MacManus,
Isabel Redondo and Martin Valentine and wish them many happy days'

CONGRATULATIONS to 0livia Curtis and John Delargy who will be getting
:married on 2nd September 1989.


A.G.M. - Saturday 7th October 1989 from 7 to 9 p.m.

at St. Vincent's, Carlisle Place, Westminster, London SW1P 1NL (Nearest
Tube and BR Station Victoria) preceded by mass at· 6 p.m. at Westminster Cathedral.


We badly NEED new Cammittee Members as five vacancies will need to be filled
as from October 1989 including those of Secretary and Treasury.

Please do not be apathetic - if you enjoy the activities of this CLub you should also do your share of the organising .and chores. Please
remember that whenever you get a newsletter a lot of work has gone into
producing it which is done on a purely voluntary basis.

If you are willing to help, please make your intention known before or
at the AGM.

at St Ceclia's and St. Anselm's, Kingsway, WC2 (nearest tube Holborn) at 6 p.m. followed by a pancake meal at "MY Old Dutch"; Holborn, from 7 p.m. 


Saturday 30th September 1989 - Barn Dance from 8 p.m. at Westminster
Cathedral Hall (Ambrosden Avenue), SW1 (please note change of venue).
Admission including ref'reshments : £3.50. Contact. C. Murphy for further details.

Friday 27th Octtober 1989  Pancake Meal at "My Old Dutch", Holborn, from
7 p.m. (following mass for deceased members at St. Cecil ia' s and St.
Anselm's at 6 p.m. in Kingsway).


REPORT ON Wildschönau 1989 - by Mary Hickman

Wildschönau  - 'The wild and beautiful meadows' - how wild and heautiful
they were

    On the evening of 14th June a disparate group of 12 walkers gathered
together for their first meal after a very Interesting flight to Innsbruk. The  holiday was just beginning and the excitement of being once more In the Alps added zest to the conversation (the schnapps produced by the lady of the house probably added to this).

    The next day we had our first walk which took us through Alpine meadows - rich with a magnificent variety of flowers - including my favourite the Solderella which only grows where snow has justmelted. The day turned out to be the hottest of the holiday and the hay was just being gathered.

As it would take a book to describe each walk I shall just give an
impression of the days spent walking along viewey ridges streaked with snow; the stsmping of cards at Grosses to get our wondermadel; getting
stormed off the Grettspitz;  Belinda having to have  some first aid to
her soul (!); the red-streaked snow on the slopes of the Grosses Bel which was explained as heing caused by algae (alas- - Poor Algy) and the greenhouse which turned into a swimming-pool - or was it the other way round.  Not to mention Maureen's many jokes !!

The baroque churches and small chapels alike were beautiful and well
cared for by the devout Austrians who are all very friendy, helpful and

The evenings were either spent in the apartment or at an Austrian
evening which were equally enjoyable as was the food rovided by the

The last day was spent in Innsbruck visiting the Andreas Hojer
Panorama of the battle of Berg Lod and the Alpine  200 - especially 'the
otters which kept us amused for what seemed hours.

Our thanks .must.go to Ralph for being an excellent leader and to the
other members of the party for being such good companions in the
mountains - 'ich komme Zurück!  ' - D.V. - Felix".


Sunday 3rd September 1989                                  Leader Oswald Barrett
Meet: Marylebone at 10.55 am for 11.12 am train to GERRARDS CROSS (arr. 11 .47)
Lunch Brick Mould - Hedgerley
Tea: Friends Meeting House - Jordans
Distance : 8 miles - returning from SEER GREEN
Fare! £3.50 C.D.R. SEER GREEN
                                                                                Duty Maureen Furlong

Sunday 10th September 1989                                 Leader : Joe O'Reilly
Meet : Baker Street at 10.05 am for 10.20 am train to CHESHAM (change at
Lunch : The Bull - Bellingdon
Tea : The Ranch - Chesham
Distance: 12 (Irish) miles - returning from CHESHAM
Fare : £3.20 C.D.R. CHESHAM
                                                                                 Duty : Paul Brunning

Sunday 17th September 1989                                  Leader : Diana Fox
Meet: Waterloo at 10.35 am for 10.57 am train to EGHAM (arr. 11.44)
Lunch : Rose & Olive Branch - Virginia Water (pub serves food- eat your
own elsewhere)
Tea : Runnymede - Supper : at the Foxes
Distance : 10 miles - returning from STAINES
Fare : £3.50 C.D.R. EGHAM
                                                                                 Duty Phillp Evans

Sunday 24th September 1989                               Leader : Maurlce Hickman
Meet : Victoria at 9.25 am for 9.117am train to LEWES
Lunch : Rodmell - Abergavenny Arms - Food available
Tea : Middle Farm
Distance: 16 miles - returning from LEWES
Fare : £8.50 C.D.R. LEWES
                                                                                 Duty : Peter Lobo

Sunday 1st October 1989                                         Leader : Philip Evans
Meet: Victoria at 9.110am for 10.02 am train to AMBERLEY (arr. 11.23)
Lunch White Horse - Sutton
Tea: Amberley - with some luck
Distance: 12 miles - returning from AMBERLEY
Fare : £8.00 C.D.R. AHBERLEY
                                                                                 Duty : Maureen Cahalane

Sunday 8th October 1989                                        Leader : Philip Evans
Meet: Paddington at 10.25 am for 10.40 am train to TWYFORD (arr. 11.37)
Lunch: The Bell - Waltham St. Lawrence
Tea: pardon?
Distance: 12 miles - returning from TWYFORD
Fare : £5.00 C.D.R. TWYFORD
                                                                                 Duty : Peter Lobo

Sunday 15th October 1989                                      Leader : John Delargy
Neet : Waterloo at 9.15 am for 9.32 am train to ALTON (arr. 10.51)
Lunch : Selborne Arms - Selborne
Tea : Chawton
Distance: 13 miles - returning from ALTON
Fare: £7.00 C.D.R. ALTON
                                                                                Duty Paul Brunning

Sunday 22nd October 1989                                    Leader : Philip Evans
Meet: Charing Cross at 10.15 am for 10.30 am train to SEVENOAKS (arr.
11 .02)
Lunch Padwell Arms - Stone Street
Tea : Sevenoaks
Dist.ancs : 10 miles - ret.urning from SEVENOAKS
Fare: £3.80 C.D.R. SEVENOAKS
                                                                                Duty : John Delargy

Sunday 29th October 1989                                     Leader Richard Chill
Meet: Waterloo at 10.05 am for 10.25 am train to GUILDFORD
Lunch : Percy Arms, Chilworth (pub serves food - do not eat your own on
the pub's premlses).
Tea :Gomshall .
Distance : 11 miles - returning from GOMSHALL
Fare·::£5.00 C.D.R. GCHSHALL., via GUILDFORD
                                                                               Duty : Bridie Barry

Sunday 5th November 1989                                  Leader Maurice Hickman
Meet : VictorIa at 9.45 am for 10.02 am train to REDHIlL
Lunch : Dolphin - Betchworth
Tea : McDonalds
Distance: 14 miles - returning from REDHILL
Fare : £3.50 C.D.R. REDHILL
                                                                               Duty Philip Evans

Sunday 12th November 1989 Leader : Philip Evans
Meet: Paddington at 10.25 am for 10.40 am train to TWYFORD (arr. 11.37)
Lunch : Queen Victoria - Hare Hatch (pub sells food)
Tea: There ain't any
Distance : 10 miles - returning from TWYFORD
Fare : £5.00 C.D.R. TWYFORD
                                                                                Duty Maureen Cahalane

Sunday 19th November 1989                                 Leader : Philip Evans
Meet: Victoria at 10.40 am for 11.02 am train to REDHILL (arr. 11.35)
Lunch : Three Horse Shoes - Irons Bottom (pub serves food)
Tea : Redhill
Distance: 12 miles - returning from REDHILL
Fare: £3.50 C.D.R. REDHILL
                                                                                Duty Peter Lobo

Sunday 26th November 1989                                Leader Maureen Cahalane
Meet: Marble Arch at 10:45 am for 11.00 start.
Lunch: Prince Albert, 11 Princess Road.
Tea : Hampstead
Distance : 6 miles  returning from HAMPSTEAD
Fare : Ticket from HAMPSTEAD (zone 2)
                                                                 Duty : Bridie Barry