The Spring 2004 Programme carried the sad news of the death of Jack Smeaton.


Jack was a very early member of the club, having first joined in membership year 1938 - 39. He died of a stroke shortly before the Spring 2004 programme was published. He had helped the club a lot during its early years and also contributed much to the writing of the history of the club in 1999. In fact his membership had long since lapsed but when the idea of a history was mooted in 1994 he again became a member.


At the time of Jack's death his son was the National Director of SPUC and the edition of the Catholic Universe on 1 August 2003 featured a report about the trouble the family had with the hospital to ensure that Jack continued to receive nourishment.


Jack's sister Norah was also a member of the club until she died in 1992 and the website carries an obituary to her as well as a humourous description of an adventure she experienced on a club holiday in Austria. Their brother Robert was also a member until he was killed during the war.