Gerald Dowling passed away in 2003 after nearly 10 years in the club. He was a tall genial, easy going man who enjoyed walking with the club as well as with the Blackheath Ramblers. He joined us on several walkouts, including a walkout for the 25 mile Winchester to Salisbury Walk which in the 1990s was an annual event in the programme. In the Autumn Programme 2003 the following tribute appeared, written by one of Gerald's fellow Blackheath Ramblers:


It is with great sadness that I along with three other club members attended the funeral of Gerald Dowling on 2nd June at St Anthony's Catholic Church, Anerly SE20.


I first met Gerald just five years ago. It was at Victoria Station and I had just arrived for my first long walk with the Blackheath Group Ramblers. There was an atmosphere of pressure and panic in the air along with a gigantic queue in front of the booking office. At the head was Gerald

lending others walkers his network card and helping out generally. Gerald had the capacity of always having time for people and he never ever spoke ill of others. Over the five years that I
knew him one of his many qualities that stood out for me was his great reserve of inner strength.

In the last twelve months of his life throughout his entire illness he never ever solicited sympathy or ever complained about his lot in life.


Lastly we have all lost a good friend who is truly irreplaceable.