Frank Tierney joined the club in 1947. I am not aware of the details of his life over the following 30 years but I know from reading old magazines that he was active in the club and met and married his wife Sylvia in the club. Then in 1977, whilst on a walking holiday in Italy with his family he suffered a tragic accident in the Italian mountains and died. In the Autumn Club Newsletter in 1977 the following tribute appeared:



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Fred MCAndrew has written to tell of the death of Frank Tierney who was active in the Club in the decade after the· war and met therein his wife Sylvia. Fred enclosed a copy of a newsletter from the Church .of Our Lady of the Annunciation, Addiscombe,from which the following appreciation,by the Parish Priest, Father M cKenna, has been extracted:


I am sure many will be distressed and shocked to learn of the tragic death of Frank Tierney while on a walking expedition in the Italian mountains with his family. He was buried there last,Friday (July 15th).

Frank as you know was one of my best andoutstanding parishioners. For years he was a member and then president of the Leigion of Mary, and after It closed down he took an active part in the welfare work for the elderly, and the ecumenical work of the parish. He has organised the transport of the elderly to Mass every Sunday for years, bringing carloads  himself. There are so many things I could mention but it will be enough to say that he put his services to Almighty God first. As today’s  Gospel says 'He "chose the better part which won’t be taken away from him' (16 Sunday of year). In. the name of all our parishioners, Fr. Sheppard and myelf I would like to assure Sylvia Tierney arrd her family of our prayers that the Lord will give them courage and patience to accept this sad trial and to soften the loneliness of his sad loss.

Frank, friend and parishioner, we pray that you rest from your labours.

(RevJohn F M McKenna).


I am sure both Frank and Sylvia can rely also on the prayers of the many friends they have made in' the Club through the years (Editor).