Fr Thos Gardner, became a Club Member 1951-52. In 1953 went to Ware to study for the priesthood. He led seminarians in walks around St Edmonds, Ware which were affectionately known as "Uncle Tom's Tours".


He was ordained at Westminster Cathedral in 1958 and went to St Anthony's Edgware where he was joined by Fr Carheel, late of St Mary Moorfields.


He was made an honorary member at the 1958 AGM. He later became Parish priest of Ware and Puckeridge. In 1988 he was Chaplain at Nazareth House Isleworth.


He was often called upon to propose the toast to the Club at the Annual Dinner and Dance.


He concelebrated the Club's Jubilee Mass in 1980. He gave the homily at the Club's 60th anniversary Mass in 1990.


He died in January 1995. R.I.P.