Daphne Fisk joined the club in membership year 1965 - 66. I did not meet her until 1988 at which time she was an active member and we often met on the Sunday rambles and at the "Christmas Parties" which took place in January.


Prior to my meeting her and only three years after becoming a member Daphne was elected Club Secretary on 7 October 1969 and in 1972 - 73 she served as Secretary of the Social Committee. At that time, unlike the present, there was competition for committee membership. The rule that no one could serve more than two consecutive years unless no one else was nominated was strictly applied and many people, like Daphne, did their committee job for just one year.


Sadly Daphne died on New Year's Day 2005. A large number of club members attended her funeral Mass in St Aidan's Church, Coulsdon and afterwards at Croydon Crematorium.


In the summer programme 2005 the following tribute was published:


It is with great regret that I have to announce that Daphne Frisk died on New Year's Day. Daphne in previous years was a key member of our club and for the last three years had bravely been fighting cancer. I have received a letter from Barbara Bridle who was her very dear friend and an extract is as follows: “Her funeral was on 18 January and was a wonderful celebration of Dapne’s Life and it was so good to see so many of her friends there including 24 members from the club. Daphne was a member since the early 60s and will always be remembered for her calm, caring manner. When she was Club Secretary and once whilst on a summer outing, there was the famous coach fire and Daphne dealt bravely with a difficult situation in evacuating the coach. She also typed the Club’s Ramble List for many years. She was such a very brave lady, always cheerful and will be sadly missed and may she rest in peace. “