Margaret Miller (née Milner Walker) 1960 - 61. d. 18 January 2015. Margaret's husband Alan Miller joined the club in 1959-60 & Margaret (then Milner – Walker) joined in 1960-61. Their marriage on 4 April 1964 is mentioned on the club history page on the website but there was no account of it in the newsletter at the time. I think there was an account of Geoff end Marion’s wedding in the programme but it has not (yet) been uploaded to the website.


In recent years Margaret was sadly stricken with cancer. She had fought breast cancer in 2012/2013 and had appeared to make a full recovery; but she started to suffer from severe breathing difficulties after they arrived in England in September 2014;  and at one time, there was a grave doubt as to whether she would be able to fly back to Australia.  But following intense treatment at Harefield Hospital, they got back in November, accompanied all the way by the registrar from Harefield.  She was able to enjoy Christmas at home with their family, but despite the best efforts of the hospital in Adelaide, her condition continued to deteriorate.


 Please remember Margaret, Alan and all their family (7 children and 13 grandchildren) in your prayers.   Thankfully, most of the family live in the Adelaide area so can be a great support to each other.