Kay Gaffney joined the club in membership year 2003 - 04. Her late husband had died not so long before and Kay found in the club an outlet where she could meet new friends and enjoy the traditional happy atmosphere on St Francis walks. She was a regular walker for the next two years but whether because of declining health or the other calls on her time I did not see her again after the 2005 - 06 membership year. Then on 6 January 2016 the club secretary received an e mail attaching a copy of the Newsletter from Kay's parish Church, St Augustine's, Hoddesden, Saying that she had died and that her funeral would be on Wednesday 13 January at 10 45.


Kay has now been added to the list of deceased members and will be remembered whenever members gather to remember deceased members. May she rest in peace.


The Spring 2016 Programme contained the following tribute:




Kay Gaffney died on 23rd December 2015.

Before her illness Kay had been a very active member of the club, walking most Sundays and attending many of its activities. She was always good fun and good company, and loved to join in the holidays organised by members and will be remembered for her participation in a number of them, eg:    In Poland with Hania Ponietowska  (2002);  at the Castlebar Walking Festival in Co. Mayo with Bill O'Neil (2004);  in Assisi with Barbara Bridle (June 2005);  the Lake District - Keswick, with Peter Culba (July 2005);  Ushaw  - Northern Saints, with Dorothy Hickman (August 2008) Kay was also a keen swimmer.


Her Requiem Mass took place on 13th January at the Catholic Church of St. Augustine, Hoddesdon and was celebrated by the Parish Priest, Father Philip Miller.  Fr.Philip is the son of Geoff  and Marion Miller, Life Members SFACRC and both very actively involved in it over the years.


Having learnt that Kay was a member of the club, Father Philip prefaced his homily by speaking of his regard for the club. . He told us how his mother (Marion) had informed him that Kay had been a member of the 'Catholic walking club which has existed for many decades', and went on to say, 'It happens also to be the club in which my parents met. It was a nice link for me, as obviously I owe my life and very existence to that club and it is heart warming .for me to know that Kay also had appreciated many walks with them over the years'

Later in his homily, Fr. Philip talked about welcoming "Sister Death" as St. Francis put it.  Appropriately too, the hymn at the Offertory was the prayer attributed to St. Francis which is recited on all our rambles,, the first line of which is:' Make me a channel of your peace'.

It was a wonderful way to be able to celebrate Kay's life made especially meaningful for us by Fr. Philip's homily for which we thank him most sincerely, and many thanks too, to Geoff and Marion for giving us Fr. Philip.

May Kay now rest in the Peace of the Eternal Kingdom.


If anyone would like to read the full version of Fr. Philip's homily, please contact Maureen Furlong.  email: marysia1883@yahoo.co       


P.S.  Kay was on a holiday to Bruges organised by Maureen.