Some essential information to make

your rambling more enjoyable


1. What you need to know before you walk


Be well prepared:


  • Save 30% off all rail fares and a little off all zone travel cards by buying a Network Southeast Card (about £20 a year) or if you over pension age a Senior Rail Card which gives the same reduction on any train journey throughout England.
  • Ring the train enquiry number -08457 48 49 50 - to check the time of the train.
  • Read the Countryside Code on this leaflet and follow it.
  • Remember you walk with the club entirely at your own risk so have strong boots with good grip to help avoid slipping in muddy conditions.
  • Also wear suitable socks. Terry lined socks are expensive but worth it for the extra comfort.
  • Always carry a waterproof garment as walks are not cancelled for bad weather.
  • Carry a warm woollen garment with you.
  • Take some food and liquid. We usually stop at a pub for lunch but occasionally this may not be possible.
  • In winter carry a torch as walks sometimes finish after dark.

2. On the day of the walk


Check that you are with the right group. There are often several walking groups at the London station so ask if they are the St Francis Ramblers.

  • If you can’t find us at the London station board the advertised train as we will be much more recognisable at the destination station.
  • During the walk observe the countryside code (reproduced below).
  • Keep up with the group at all times. We do our best not to lose anyone but you also have an obligation to keep the group in your sights at all times.
  • Never walk in front of the leader.
  • Never ever eat your own food or drink your own drink on pub premises.
  • Be ready to leave the pub at the time decided by the leader.
  • If you are an established rambler make sure that new walkers are made to feel welcome and do not fall too far behind.
  • As you gain more experience be prepared to volunteer to act as back marker occasionally.

3. Think of leading a ramble yourself

  • The ramble list compiler is always anxious to hear from new leaders and the members really appreciate the time leaders take to prepare their walks. So do think of contributing to the life of the club by taking your turn.
  • When you do lead remember that not everyone will be as fit as you are so please wait for the slower ones to catch up (but not so long as to miss food service at the pub!!).
  • Again when you do lead don’t linger too long at the pub and don’t rush off too quickly either. An hour and a quarter is about right.


4. Becoming a member.

  • You can join the club at any time. All you have to do is:
  •  Make out a cheque payable to “St Francis of Assisi Catholic Ramblers Club” for the current annual membership (only £7 in 2014 - 15; membership for those residing outside the UK is £2 more than ordinary membership).
  •  ¨Send it to the Treasurer whose address you will find on the current programme. 
  • ¨Renew your subscription promptly in October each year If you join after 31 July in one year your first subscription will take you through to October the following year. Otherwise renewals are due in October and if not paid by 31 December membership will be deemed to have lapsed. 
  • Life Membership is available to to all, without any qualifying period of ordinary membership. The contribution for life membership is currently twenty times the ordinary annual membership.

5.    Hope you enjoy your time with the Club and in due course take your turn leading rambles and being on the Committee.



The Countryside Code


Respect the life of the countryside Be courteous to all those who live in the countryside we are walking through.


Guard against fire. Never throw away lighted matches or cigarettes.


Fasten all gates - Leave gates as you found them but if in doubt shut them. Do not assume that someone behind will shut it; they may think it has been purposely left open.


Keep dogs under proper control - if there are any dogs with us they must be on a lead when there are livestock about or where notices request that they should be on a lead.


Keep to the paths across farm land - Do not wander through crops. When we have to walk through them keep in a single file. Even grass is a valuable crop.


Avoid damaging fences, hedges and walls - if we have to climb a gate do so one at a time, near the hinge.


Leave no litter - put all rubbish in your pocket or rucksack. Please pick up litter dropped accidentally by other walkers. Leave the countryside as beautiful as you found it.


Safeguard water supplies.


Protect wildlife, plants and trees.


Go carefully on country roads - most of our walking is on footpaths, so we have to pay increased attention when we have to walk for a while on a road.


Walk on the right facing oncoming traffic.


Peace Prayer of St Francis

(Recited at some point in most rambles)


Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace;

where there is hatred...let me sow love; Where there is injury...pardon;

Where there is;

Where there is despair...hope;

Where there is darkness... light;

Where there is sadness


O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be to console, to be to understand, to be to love.

For it is in giving...that we receive; it is in pardoning...that we are pardoned; it is in dying...that we are born to eternal life. Amen